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  • All over the map…

    Runnin' On...


    He was bitten by a walleye at a young age…  And it took five days before the fish was no longer in excruciating pain.

    Now, he is questioned by Game Wardens…  Because they find him interesting.

    And on Lake of the Woods…  His ice fishing rod…  Never gets cold.

    Hello sportsfans and welcome to the weekly Artic blast here at Ballard’s Resort.  The “World’s Most Mysterious” ice fisherman was not here this past weekend.  But we do anticipate his visit in the very near future.  More on that.  Stay tuned.

    Ah……..  What’s the latest and greatest.  Ask Nick???  “WE ARE ALL OVER THE MAP”!  Literally…  At least from a fishing standpoint.

     After last week’s stalemate (slow fishing) the guides were, as they say, off and running.  The south shore Pine bite withered and the hand writing was on the wall.  Get moving.  As thus we have.

     Here’s the latest…  In the past seven days we’ve sent fliers (houses) to the Nine, Knight, Bridges, the flats and pretty much everywhere in between.  With the end result being quite similar.  “Tough Fishing”.

     Seems as though, at least this past week or so, the more we move and the more fresh ice we fish…  The same result.  The fish are there, at least we’re seeing them on the graphs, but we can’t make ‘em bite.  Go figure.  HA!

     “As of this morning we (the guides) are still scratching our heads.  Best bet is: KEEP FISHING.”

     Nick says we’re going to stay “spread out” for the time being, just to see what happens.  We’ve pretty much chased back and forth for the past week to ten days, and now it’s time to work over these areas with some honest effort.

     End result…  We’re still catching fish to eat (mostly sauger), and we’re getting a few fish to take home.  The occasional trophy walleye has been, let’s say, occasional.  I believe last Friday our “big fish” of the week was a 28.5 incher.  Nice walleye!  Congrats Joe R!

     On the fun meter?  Ice Holes.  Hands down.  Best effort.  Interesting weekend fellas…

     Let’s set the hook!



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