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  • November

    Nov 06, 2015

    Rain, wind, cold, and let’s throw in a bit of snow-sleet.  Hello sportsfans!  It’s November, and the walleyes in the river way outnumber the fishermen in boats.

    With the MN deer opener tomorrow morning there’s not much to report here on the Rainy River.  Most everyone is in full “hunting mode”!

    For those late season, go down swinging, open water enthusiasts…  What are we hearing about the fishing?  It sounds like it’s been “ok” to “so so” depending on the locals that you talk to.  And the lake bite gives better odds than the river.

    Lake wise we are hearing 24-25 feet of water straight out from Morris or Lighthouse.  A mix of walleye, sauger, with an occasion bigger fish.  This actually bodes well with lake temps at 45-46 degrees, there might actually be a river migration coming at some point later in November.  Or, if nothing else, we will have some fish out front to great us when the ice fishing season begins.

    Hearing lots about good sauger numbers…

    Anyway, it’s pretty obvious the weather can turn up here on any given day.  Winter is probably closer than we realize.  But for the time being, at least on the lake and in the river, there are some fishing opportunities to be had.

    As you move up river we’re being told that the best bite is near Baudette and the town of Rainy.  Early mornings or late afternoons there’s a peak of action during each timeframe.  Traditionally it’s always been that last hour just before dark that has been best.

    Bait-fish?  Yes.  Still a ton of emerald lake shiners moving into the river.  Considerably more than we’ve seen in the past couple years.  If anyone can ever figure out their migration pattern?  Please let us know HA!

    Until next week, if you have the itch, there is plenty of space to wet a line here on L O Dub.

    Set the hook!


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Hey Sportsfans!

We are getting just as anxious as you are for the ice fishing season that is ahead!!! We are hoping for a cold snap this week, but it doesn’t look too promising. Temps are hitting the 30’s throughout the day and getting down in the teens at night. We aren’t hitting the panic button yet…once the cold snap hits it only takes a few weeks to lock up the lake.

Until then…let’s all be thankful!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from all your friends at Ballard’s Resort!
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