Hey Sportsfans!

It is shaping up to be a true gold rush in the river this weekend. Trucks/trailers will be lined up for miles along the highway. The gold… a walleye so large that most would think it is a fisherman’s tale when mentioned.

A few of Ballard’s guides decided to join in on the fun yesterday (4/4). Here is what they had to say:

– Water was open under the bridge in town
– Fishing was best in 9-11′ of water
– Water clarity remains good & water temperatures are hovering in the 40s
– The majority of fish caught were 18-23″

Temperatures should soon creep into the 60s. Will we see boats in front of the resort this weekend? Only time will tell.

In other news, Ballard’s kitchen continues to serve bar baskets and drinks on the weekends. “We have rockin’ food specials and we are ready to serve!”
– Cheryl, Kitchen Manager


What kind of trouble is our pal Rusty in now… check it out here


Part TEN – continued from last week’s episode –


Sally set the helicopter down on the pad as they raced against the clock. It wouldn’t take long for the authorities to put two and two together with a 10 X 20 ice shanty blazing on the lake.

The family history of the Squatsnfishes and Van Clutterbuck’s dates back three generations. If you recall… Molva Squatsnfishes (Sally’s Great Great Grandmother) was the Olympic medal winning “High Hook Setter.” But what the majority of sports spectators did not realize is that Clive Van Clutterbuck (Lefty’s Great Great Grandfather) was Molva’s personal trainer.

Both families shared bordering properties upstate on the Finger Lakes. Societal privileges flowed easily to the two teens who summered on the lake sharing long days in the sun chasing whatever fish flavor of the day they preferred. Molva was next level with her fishing prowess. Clive was more reserved and consistently methodical with his angling techniques.

It was also said that Molva was the first to dawn pastel colors with her fishing outfits. She regularly wore a wide brimmed white bonnet to shield the sun… Long sleeved hand woven shirts (lilac being her favorite color)… And canvas stretch khakis safari shorty-shorts. Very risque for the times.

Clive was always buttoned to the collar. Most likely concealing the lump in his throat.

Many area residents connected to the two families believed the two would eventually marry. But surprisingly the joining of “two great families” never came to fruition. The relationship between Molva and Clive took a hard left turn post Olympic Games.

As it stands today… The two families continue to share neighboring lakeshore summer cottages and remain best of friends. Sally and Lefty knew each other from their earliest childhood days.

Entering the trophy room of the cabin on Musky Island… Rusty took the GoPro chip from his left front pocket and pressed it into the side of the blinking laptop.

Who or what had killed Lefty Van Clutterbuck?


-To be continued –