Sneaking to the edge of the hole and peeking into the coffee stained water there were no signs of life.  Only bubbles…  A weirdly consistent flow of bubbles surfacing from depths far beneath and splattering in a frosty mist when they popped to the surface.

It was Walter.  Fearless, crafty, stealth-like in his pursuit of fresh bait and all things succulently related.  We could not see him.  Yet his presence was overwhelming.

Many have tried luring him with a hook…  Many have failed.

And for this…  We persist!  Someday we will celebrate the small victory (catch / photo / release) and Walter’s bell will toll.

It the meantime:
– average week of fishing activity on LOW.  We are again “way out there”, in more ways than one.  We are fishing Knights, Bridges and stretching toward the Garden.
– Nordo says: “we’re doing ok on the saugers GM,  I actually feel like we have a good school underneath us right now.”
– ice conditions and travel conditions remain favorable for the fourteen day forecast.  We plan to continue winter angling to mid-March.
– are you familiar with the MAY FISHING SPECIAL?  (81) days.  Let the good times roll, per Mick Jagger.

Set the hook!