Tuesday February 07

 Frosty, frosty, frosty…  Good day sirs and sportfans!  Welcome to the weekly twist here at Ballard’s Resort on Minnesota’s Lake of the Woods.

 We keep hearing about “warm-temps” down south, but here in the NorthCountry we are deadlocked with Old-Man-Winter.  Good news per the ice fishing and biz as usual here on LOW.  Lots of snow yesterday and today.  A veritable winter wonderland if you will…  High temps mainly in the teens with lows in the single digits.

 At last check on the drilling by our boys up north?  We’re augering 24” of ice west of The Sisters and Knight.  Good Bombardier travel conditions.  Better fishing.

 Speaking of…  This morning after breakfast some Pella boys cruised past the office counter, and mentioned “this is the best ice fishing we’ve ever had.”  Wow!  Thanks dudes.  Our guides appreciate the compliments!  This being their third-venture to Ballard’s in the winter…  It’s always nice to hear that the hard work put out is producing positive results.

 Overall fishing?  Those that were here last weekend probably saw a bit of a dip in the action.  Some of our haunts in the mud, west of The Nine, weakened.  But the same could probably be said of the huts further north.  More likely the result of a high-pressure system and sub-zero temps.

 The past two days we seem to have rebounded quite nicely.  And we still have a corner on the fishing grounds up north.  Lots of area to spread out, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.  About a 13-18 mile jaunt…  Depending on the cluster of houses you get dropped off at.

 The walleye / sauger combo seems to be holding fairly steady also…  We are seeing good “mixed-bags” with the catch.  And even the occasional perch-o-rama.

 Good ice fishing right now gang!

 Set the hook…