Hello entrusted sportfans…  And welcome to the weekly beat here at Ballard’s Resort.
Ah yes.  It appears as though we’ve made it.  Or, at least it appears as though we’ve made it over the hump, and we are in for AT LEAST ANOTHER TWO-WEEKS OF ICE FISHING ADVENTURES!
That is correct…  March is not exactly coming in like a lion…  But it’s certainly cold and “normal” enough here, for us to continue our hard-water adventures.  FIFTEEN-DAY FORECAST looks good.  Ice conditions are at par.  Fish houses are still on the reefs.  Catching is quantitatively productive 🙂
This coming weekend should bode well for visiting anglers.  The guides still have the shacks posted west of Big Island, and the mixed results of walleyes and saugers have been rewarding.  Honestly, these past three to four weeks, have been some of the best fishing days we’ve seen in recent memory.
How long will the bite sustain itself?  That seems to be the million-dollar question.  But, for now, the areas we’re banging away at, just continue to produce.  From a fisheries standpoint it’s truly been amazing.  LOW: Walleye Capital.
What else is on the radar?
We’ve got a busy week and weekend coming here at the resort.  Lots of visitors (thankful) and lots of fun.  After that…  By the looks of the calendar…  Quite a few openings for us, from MARCH 6th thru the remainder of the month.
The way the last couple of winter seasons have gone, it’s been somewhat predictable.  When you get chased off the ice early, for a couple years in a row, (like last year and the year before) it makes it hard for folks to plan a mid-March or late-March ice fishing trip.
HEADS UP: This year, an early ending, does not appear to be the case.  Bets, current conditions and forecasts are telling us, we will be out there thru the middle of the month, and possibly beyond!
If you’re still thinking about ONE MORE WINTER ADVENTURE…  Give us a shout.  Would love to have you join us…  Put an ice rod in your grasp…
And Set The Hook!