It’s like a fast-moving rugby scrum…  Fifty-three fish houses spread far and wide…  Continuously bumping and grinding with one glorious 8” hole being drilled at a time.  That’s how you winter fish on Lake of the Woods!

 Hello sportsfans and welcome to the weekly cheer here at Ballard’s Resort.  Speaking of cheer, me thinks the roof may have briefly lifted off the tavern a couple of times this past weekend.  It may have been the Packer victory…  It may have been the partaking of beverage…  Either way good times hey.

 The bite – The bite – The bite.  What’s the latest on Big Traverse Bay?  Pump the breaks fans, cause Old Man Winter put a crimp in our crook this past week.

 Yep, when that thermometer dipped to -38 degrees Fahrenheit a few days ago, he took the walleyes and saugers down with him.  Ouch.  Still enough fish to keep your evening fish fry going…  But certainly, a drop from what we’ve been enjoying (good action) in the previous two to three weeks.

 And now?  REBOUND.  Or so we hope.  The guides, per the usual, are dragging houses to beat the band.  Fish clean ice.  Look for fresh fish.

 Good news…  We’re also getting a bit of a reprieve from the sharp cold this week.  This should also bode well for incoming guests.  LET’S SPARK THE BITE!

 Fish houses are spread from 16-31 feet of water.  That puts us anywhere from 0.5 to 3.1 miles offshore.  Grab your jig sticks and let’s go…

 Set the hook.