Hey Sportsfans!

This week has been awesome weather with low winds and mid to high temps!

Unfortunately, it also has brought on the May fly hatch! The guides have been doing there best to get away from the hatch and searching different parts of the lake to find fish that are not too full to bite a hook!

It is about time to drift away! Majority of our boats switching over to drifting spinners around reefs, and along the mud flats. Starting shallow (8’-10’) and drifting out deeper (30’-33’). Shiners and night crawlers being the bait of choice.

Boats are still having some luck jigging off the bottom, but it is starting to become few and far between catching fish.

Overall, June was a great month we had great guests, fishing, and weather! Looking forward to what July brings us.

If you haven’t looked into making a reservation this year start jotting down dates and give us a call to see if they will work!