Hey Sportsfans!

The guides are coming back with higher spirits… you know what that means, right?

It means they have figured out a pattern and gotten out of a slump!!

The fall season turn over was different from years past, we couldn’t lock down the fish up on the north end of Lake of the Woods, we couldn’t find a solid stream fish on the south end by the Rainy River. The spinners ceased to produce anything out in the mud flats, it was CHAOS!

That is enough of a recap from our not so good fishing weeks… Let’s talk about this week!

We have found a more consistent style of fishing jigging on the south end of Lake of the Woods or in Four Mile Bay, around 24-27’ on the lake and 10-15’ in the bay! Tipping our jig heads with a frozen shiner, and not having much for current with water levels being as low as they are its been ideal for being able to use lighter equipment!

With the guides having consistent days of fishing, that sparkle in their eyes has returned!

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