Hello Sportsfans…  Rusty Flathers here with the latest L O Dub weekly report.

A red rooster barks at the sunrise.  Anxious anglers pace in front of The Ballard.  Most days are the same:  breakfasts, Bombardier departures, ice fishing, catching fish, return to the resort, more festivities per eating-drinking-storytelling, lights out (bedtime), and repeat the next day.

That’s the way uh-huh uh-huh, KC and the Sunshine Band, we like it!


Hey, has anyone noticed we are TWO DAYs out from the beginning of March?!?!

– Only two more weeks of ice fishing per house rentals and guide service.

– Only two more weeks to shake and bake and get yourself here for some ice fishing grooviness.

– Winter is still very much “a thing” here at frozen tundra headquarters.

Celebrity quote for this week, Anna says: You can’t catch ’em, if you’re not here.

Yes, truly wise, wise, wise words.  Thanks Anna.

The teeth of this week’s report?  We are still very much “up north”.  Success rates for walleyes and saugers are hit and miss.  Some would call it fishing.  Some would call it luck of the draw.  Others may boast their success based on fishing prowess.

Either way…  It’s FUN!

And now, thanks to Simon and Garfunkel, we return you to, the sounds of silence…

Set the hook!