Head ‘em up…  Move ‘em out…

 Hello Sportfans!  And welcome to the latest chase here on LOW!

 Have you heard the news?  We are on the go.  And that’s go, as in grab all (53) shacks, and head north to points unknown.

 Our guides busted out a couple days ago, in search of better fishing grounds.  They packed up camp, bailed from the south shore, and moved the fleet 10-15 miles offshore.

 End result?  We’re on ‘em.  Big time.  Probably the BEST-BITE we’ve had so far, this winter.

 Longer bombardier ride…  Better fishing…  That’s the trade-off…

 We’re fishing the flats west of the reefs.  Thirty-six feet of water, out in the mud.

 Are you ready?  It’s walleye and sauger city.

 Let’s set the hook!