Hello Sportsfans.  Welcome to the latest and greatest here on LODub.

Yes!  We are romancing the stone…  The stone cold glare of FRESH – WILD – WALLEYES!

What happened?  They can run but they (fish) can’t hide.  When the New Year’s ball dropped, we caught it, and by golly we headed for the north end zone.

We ran so far we ended up about eight miles from Pine Island and the Lighthouse Gap (#crushcity).

This ONE BIG SHIFT, we skipped using the clutch, has officially put us ON THE FISH!  It’s good enough that one of our guides, RiggedUp,  is calling it “a walleye-Haven”.

Are you scheduled to be here soon?  Maybe it’s your turn to drop a line in 32ft of water, hit the bottom, and pull the trigger on a trophy walleye!

Until next time…  Let’s all set the veritable hook…