Fall is officially here on Lake of the Woods which means a couple things.. hunting season and the hunt for big walleye! Fall can be one of the most productive times of the year for big fish! We still haven’t seen a big shiner run in the river yet, so the guides have still been going out to the lake whenever possible. We’ve had some windier weather lately which at times can make it tough out on the big water, but you can bet we will be out there whenever possible!

As I said before, the river bite is not quite here yet but fishing out on the lake has been pretty consistent. The guides have fully transitioned back to jigging at this point and have been finding good numbers of fish. We’re seeing more and more slot, and bigger fish as well. The go to colors are your standard gold, white, and chartreuse with a frozen shiner as bait. Fish are being found in anywhere from 15′ – 32′.

If your looking to find a trophy walleye, then be sure to get up to Lake of the Woods to set the hook!

May-June 2018 @ Ballard's Resort - Lake of the Woods Walleyes