Hello Sportsfans…  Welcome to the gold-glowing world of Willie The Walleye!

 The latest and greatest?  Right now, we’re busy waiting for ice.  Kinda like waiting for Santa Clause.  Much anticipation!

 Making predictions is never easy.  Ask the odds makers in Vegas.  Here on LOW we know what we need: cold, cold, cold, cold, and more cold.

 When’s it going to happen?  The auger extension on the forecast is calling for highs in the twenties and lows in the teens by next Tuesday.  From there it’s more along the tight lines of teens and single digits.  Perfect.

 With that being said…  And with the crystal fish house globe lit up…  We are guessing we will maybe be ice fishing by the weekend of December 17th.  That’s our hope.

 A better prediction?  When the big pond does in fact freeze over…  WE WILL HAVE A TREMENDOUS “EARLY ICE BITE”!

 And from there you know the rest of the tournament…

 Set the hook!