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Fall Fishing

Hey Sportsfans!

Fall fishing is here. Temperatures have started to creep down into the 60s and that can only mean one thing… The jig bite is about to heat up!

Over the past month, the guides have drifted in every direction around Little Traverse Bay. The fish have seemingly made big moves, as a good spot one day can be dead the next. Fishing was inconsistent at times, leaving everyone to question… Where did the fish we found yesterday go?

As we look ahead to the fall season, the spinners will be put away and jigs will be tied on. More consistent weather patterns should lead to better fishing, and more opportunities to SET THE HOOK!

Our 2023-2024 Winter Rates have been set, but that doesn’t mean we are ready to pull the boats quite yet. If you are looking to make a trip up this fall, we still have spots available for open water fishing. 218.634.1849