Hello Sportsfans and welcome to the weekly Sunday Fishing Post with Ballard’s Resort!

What’s new and exciting?

– Ice fishing is in full swing.  FRESH – WILD – WALLEYES.
– With 12″-13″ of ice we are chasing fish in the 20ft range of water on the west end of Pine Island approximately one-mile offshore.
– The word from the guides this morning is “let’s keep bumping and moving” our shacks.  Sounds like the plan is to stretch our fleet of houses a bit deeper to approx 23ft and see how it goes.
–  FISH TACOS…  Yep!  Saw lots being served in the tavern last night.  Always a GOOD sign that anglers are having some success.
– BIG FISH for this past week was the Fritsche group with a tank just under 28″.  And reports of a few DINOS (lake sturgeon) being wrestled up to the ice fishing holes.

– Mark your calendar: early previews for our KFAN RADIO (Summer Fishing Specials) will be going live on our social media platforms JANUARY 15 stay tuned.

Until next week…  Set the hook!