“Get it on, bang a gong, get it on”.  Thanks Marc Bolan and T. Rex don’t mind if we do!

Hey sports fans, the action for TEAM BALLARD’S has been fantastic these past few days.

Now that our guides have been able to push out to 30ft of water, approx 2-miles offshore, our success rate has been much improved.  Good news for those who want fast action.  Bad news for the walleyes and saugers!

Sub-zero temps continue to make ice here at Lake of the Woods.  Our mode of transport continues to be the small sized jeeps and heated passenger trailers.  We are a short drive from the main lodge at the resort, out to the fleet of fish houses.

For this week…  More COLD and hopefully more FISH.  We are having fun on L-O-Dub.

Set the hook!