Shhhhh!  Do you hear that?!  It’s called nature.  And with 14,000 islands and 65,000 miles of shoreline, the best way to experience Lake of the Woods is to be on it!  From our location at Ballard’s Resort you have prime boating access, to not only fish, but to explore this magnificent body of water.

Shared by Minnesota, Ontario, and Manitoba there is an opportunity to navigate miles of open water and explore charted passages that were taken by historic travelers hundreds of years ago.  Take a week…  Plan some time…  Have an adventure!

The Lake area itself is a virtual treasure chest of scenic natural beauty:

  • One million acres total, with over 300,000 acres of American waters.
  • Miles of secluded wilderness beaches on the lake.
  • Many miles of country roads and forest trails to explore.
  • Thousands of acres of adjoining pine, spruce & aspen forests.
  • Rocky, glacier-carved islands and bays of the Northwest Angle.
  • Sheltered 70-mile-long Rainy River offers fishing and boating alternative.
  • Extensive snowmobile trail system.

The immediate area near Ballard’s Resort does have alternatives for non-fishing activities.  Most are within close distance and can be explored as daytime or evening options: