September Slam

Hello Sportsfans! Fall is right around the corner here on Lake of the Woods and the fish are starting to pack on the lbs! We’ve had a great couple of weeks with a tremendous bite! We were even able to get a few of the Ballard’s Resort crew out and about to do some fishing! Guides are still heading up north as you probably could have guessed. The spinner bite still seems to be the most consistent way to catch more numbers with occasional jigging for bigger fish. We still have spots open for [...]

Drifting Away

Another wonderful couple of weeks here on Lake of the Woods at Ballard's Resort! It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through August with fall fishing just around the corner! We’ve had some good days though late this summer and are still picking away at steady numbers of fish. As to where the guides have been fishing, you guessed it, they are still heading up north. The most consistent bite still seems to be with drifting spinners, picking away at lunch fish and nice sized keepers. If [...]

End of July

Welcome back to the Ballard’s Resort, fishing report! We’ve had some phenomenal weather the past couple weeks with little to no rain paired with a steady breeze. The days have been getting pretty warm with temperatures getting up into the high 80’s and water temps at about 72-77 degrees. Fishing has been more consistent on days with a little more chop, as that allows the boats to drift better which seems to lead to a better bite. The guides have mostly still been heading north and have mainly [...]


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