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Prioritize Your Day To Day Activities

There was an article that came out last week suggesting how to prioritize your day to day activities (will get to the fishing report).
Listed in order were FIVE suggestions:
– Family
– Spouse
– Physical and Mental wellness
– Career
– Friends
The basic concept addressed “balancing” each of these categories to create a better sense of wholeness.  If you are doing too much of one…  And not enough of the other…  Then it might be time to pump the breaks and concentrate on balance.
This might not be an earth shattering concept but it does make sense.  We see people accomplish “BALANCE” here at Ballard’s Resort every day.  And it’s called FISHING!
For sure you can check 2-3 of the boxes listed above by simply wetting a line.  So if it is time for you to prioritize…  Let’s set the hook!
THE FISHING…  This past week was once again respectably consistent on the ice.  Honestly, much improved from last season.
We have been able to find fish closer to home on the south shore.  Right now the shacks are split east to west with one cluster north of the Morris Gap and the second grouping north of the Lighthouse Gap.
It’s been a horse a piece from day to day, but west has been slightly out producing catch and keep numbers.
We are using a combo of the jeeps / people wagons to transport fishermen…  Along with starting to use the Bombardiers.  Eighteen to twenty inches of ice…  Thirty feet of water.
HEY!!!  We turn the calendar into February this week!!!  Time to keep moving and keep ice fishing.  Join us if you can.