Flathers came out of the fog bank…  Head down…  Arms pumping…  Breath crystalizing in the air.  The shout from inside the ice hut (!FISH ON!) had him wheeling uncontrollably.

By the time he reached the door there were rods, chairs, and an upended card table scattered within.  But now, on the floor of the fish house, THIS is what most caught his attention.

– to be continued –

Hello Sportfans!  The latest and greatest from Lake of the Woods?  YES, we are #OnEm.

Anna and I spoke with downtown ZB (Zach Brown) this morning…  And here’s the down low:

–  our fish houses are 3.5 miles offshore.  Closer now to Zippel than we are from Morris.
–  the morning bite has been dominated by smaller saugers…  And then comes a lull.
–  per reports the better action has now been during the afternoons.  Specifically with more walleyes being caught during this timeframe.
–  with a short ride out to the fish houses, we continue to use the small jeeps and passenger wagons to transport our guests.
–  numbers wise…  Obviously some huts produce better than others…  But a 20-30 fish day has been possible for a group of 3-4 anglers occupying a house.

Until next week…  Set the hook!