– continued from last week’s episode –

There was FISH SLIME everywhere…  Caked in layers, highlighted with sparkling diamond scales, and with it came a pungent odor that pierced the nostrils.

Rusty Flathers was certainly no ice fishing amatuer.  He had once gone armpit deep into an eight inch hole after what he thought was a potential state record northern pike.  There were scars on his forearm from the fang marks to prove the incident.

Unfortunately the fish had escaped…  And with that…  An extreme amount of FISH SLIME later led to a minor infection.  To Rusty it was worth the pain.

His current situation in the fish house was different.  This was something that would attract national media attention.  The sort of recognition he had not received since dating (former walleye centerfold) outdoor fashion model Sally Squatsnfishes.
– to be continued –


Ice + Fishing = Ice Fishing

It’s a super duper Sunday (FEB 11) on Lake of the Woods and here are a few updates with the latest and greatest:

– twas a BIG weekend at Ballard’s Resort.  Caught fish…  Had way TOO MUCH fun…  And hosted Bridget’s bachelorette party!

– a return of snow and cold has gripped the northwoods…  We will find out soon how the fish react.

– currently our fish houses are now 4 to 5 miles offshore…  The bite is being dominated by saugers, but there has been a return of walleyes with a higher percentage in the mix.

– fishing depths vary depending on location, but for the most part we are fishing 28-30ft of water.

– the past few days our guides have actually been sneaking closer to the south shore (shhhhhhhhhhh…  keep this on the down low…)

– downtown ZB says shallower has been more consistent.  #DontLeaveFishToFindFish

What else?  Lots of WINTER ahead in our forecast.  More cold.  More snow.  More FISH.  Come join the fun!  (weekend and midweek availability)