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Hey Sportsfans! 
Walleye fishing on opening weekend, Lake of the Woods, Ballard’s Resort… is there a better time to be had?
For the second year in a row, opening day has had favorable weather… ask anyone who has been visiting for years, that rarely happens.
In case you haven’t heard, the boys are back in town, and here’s what they are saying…
Capt. ZB…  He’s on the big fish. Just look at the picture he sent in with Ron and his 28″ walleye. 
Capt. Andy… “Go with eye candy Andy, he is on fire.” Realistically, Capt. Andy has found success catching eater sized fish in 20-26′. 
Capt. Tim… It’s an exciting time to be on the lake. When fishing close to home, there is an element of surprise, never knowing what species of fish you might reel in next. Walleye, perch, northern, sturgeon… it’s anyone’s guess. Capt. Tim also mentioned something about the male walleyes squirting a certain substance all over the guides… but I don’t know how far in depth we should go on that topic. 
After two days of fishing, the guides are starting to spread out. Some staying in the Rainy River, others venturing as far as Knight Island. End of story, the fish are biting and the excitement for the season is over the top!