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Part ELEVEN – continued from last week’s episode –

There was no love-triangle as the press would want everyone to believe. The secret that both Rusty and Sally shared with Lefty… Was that he was unable to be intimate.

“Red 27… Red 27…Hot route… Hot route… Hut-Hut-Hut”, Sally called out from under center. The Squatsnfishes’ and Van Clutterbuck’s were enjoying their annual beachside Fourth of July morning, family football scrimmage.

With Nerf ball in hand Sally took a seven-step drop and planted off her back right foot. Cousin Adelyte was on a slanted route from the water’s edge toward the grassy knoll of the backyard.

Due to a slight birth defect… Adelyte’s left leg was slightly shorter than her right… She used her quickness to establish separation on Lefty who attempted to cover her on the cross-field pattern (he ran like a Tin Man that hadn’t been greased in a racoon’s age).

She had him beat deep as Sally reached back and cut loose with the throw. The ball was a perfect spiral as it left her ear sailing deep toward the back of the endzone. Unfortunately, near the location where the swirling ball would descend, there was a looming horseshoe pit.

At the last second, stretched out with an ill-advised lunge, Lefty jumped from his shoes and reached for the Nerf. It brazed his fingers and instead found Adelyte’s cradled arms.

Celebratory shouts from the Squatsnfishes’ were soon drowned out by a wailing high pitched screech that shattered a nearby mimosa cocktail glass. Lefty laid in a fallen fetal position.

With red-white-blue shorts around his ankles, shredded by the horseshoe stake, it was every adult in the crowd’s worst fear. Lefty had wrapped his unclaimed youthfulness around that metal post.

From this traumatic injury he would not recover, in a matter-of-fact ability to have physical relations. A prepubescent boy lost his left testy in that heroic Fourth of July football game. A fashionable high society gentleman lost his left limb and life in a bizarre ice fishing nightmare.

Perchance, or coincidentally, if there was anything further to reflect on it was that Lefty was appropriately named.

Who was attempting to paint this picture of murder and deception? Was it someone in the fashion industry framing Rusty as a jealous killer…

Was it someone boxing Sally as the type who ran with frivolous individuals? Jealous onlookers regularly looked to break her of what they considered undeserving Hollywood status…

And finally for discussion… Was someone after her wealth? Outdoor fashion fishing women were not exactly a dime a dozen. And Sally was the queen with more than enough in the bank to prove her worth.

With the GoPro chip inserted and mouths wide open… The two watched with eyes stretched the size of squirrelfish, as the true story of the day unfolded in front of them on the screen of the computer.

-To be continued –