We are seeing video feeds of anglers, armored in chest-waders, spud poles in hand chiseling away at river ice trying to clear launch pads at boat ramps on the Rainy River.

Quietly in the background… Between lances with the wrecking bars… Guns N’ Roses drones “Just a little patience, yeah”…

Hello sportsfans. River fishing on the Rainy this spring has been a test of patience.

“It’s open… It’s frozen… It’s open… It’s frozen…” You get the idea.

The ten-day forecast for Lake of the Woods looks like a warm-up back to the forties and possibly some low fifties.

“Just a little patience, yeah”. Thanks Guns N’ Roses.

– Six weeks… YES, only six weeks until the official Minnesota Walleye Fishing Opener (May 11th)
There are five cabins that remain available for rental that weekend. (bring up your own boat, or hop on a guided charter)
With the late ice out this should bode well for a banger of a start! Lots of fish within a close proximity of the resort. What’s that? All we can catch are trophy size walleye!

– Six weeks… YES, only six weeks until we start the “Race to 2000”. By adding another charter boat and top-gun-sniper (fishing guide) to our summer line up we are going to stretch our fishing adventures in search of the Holy Grail.
There will be more details in the coming weeks as we get closer to dropping the flag on the “Race to 2000”. Stay tuned.

– Six weeks… YES, only six weeks until our Summer Fishing Specials come to life. Quite possibly the newest and most exciting packages we have ever offered in the history of Ballard’s Resort! https://ballardsresort.com/kfan-summer-fishing-special2024/
If you check it out, there is a “HIGH END SPECIAL” that seems to be gaining tons of momentum among our fishing faithful (THANK-YOU!) It’s geared to be super inclusive with no clutch. We did not leave anything out. Just wide open throttle!
That’s it for now. Happy Easter! Gather some eggs and get ready to…


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