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June 16th Walleye fishing Ballards Resort Lake of the Woods, MN Contact us
Hey Sportsfans!
There are some things in life that are constant:
– The wind on Lake of the Woods… always blowing
– The beer at Ballard’s Resort… ice cold every time
– A fresh walleye fish fry… over-the-top good
Just as there are things that are consistent, there are things that are unpredictable… like where the fish are going to be on LOW, and how they are going to bite. 
This week the guides have tried all the tactics…
Capt. Brian has been drifting spinners in 10-17′ of water. Piece of advice if you are looking to catch fish, FOLLOW THE RED TOP. 
Speaking of red, Capt. Tilden has been jigging the mud in 27’… a red jig tipped with a leech has been RED HOT. 
Pack a little bit of everything in the cooler. Crawlers, leeches, frozen shiners… it has been a daily guessing game on what the fish want. 
On the verge is a bug hatch. Will we see the mud bite explode when that happens? We will have to wait and see. 

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