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Walleye fishing charter Ballards Resort Lake of the Woods, MN
Hey Sportsfans!
You know the rules… 
1) Always listen to your Captain.
2) Absolutely no bananas on the boat.
Had a close call this morning on Capt. Tanner’s boat, but luckily the bananas were left on shore and the group had their limit by 10:30am. Then the big fish started rolling in… 
It has been windy here this week, nothing new there. How’s the bite been? Gauging by the coolers of fish coming in each day, you need to be at the right spot at the right time. 
Overall, the general consensus has been, fishing is best in 28′-32′ of water in the transition areas of rocks to mud. 
Over the last few days, there about been rumors of 150+ fish days. Fishing tale or truth?? We may never know, but that’s June fishing.