Hey Sportsfans!

This past week we’ve seen both highs and lows in the action on Big Traverse and Little Traverse alike.

Most notable…. The “south shore” bite is seemingly good for not only numbers of fish but also size.

Early in the week strong south winds lit up the Pine Island bite. Lots of fish were on the feed and the 18-24ft depths were quite productive.

Once the winds subsided…. The fish have moved out further offshore…. And the reports of limits being caught are coming from 27-28ft.

The lows of the week have been the reef bite. After the south wind came the BIG NW blow. This did two things.

First…. It basically blew all the fish off the Knight and Bridges reefs. We’ve looked near and far and they seem to be gone at the present time.

Will they return?  Tough call. Seen it go either way this time of year.

Second….  The big winds moved a ton of walleyes into Little Traverse. Fairly predictable when you get a blow. Arguably the harder it cranks up (wind) the more they bite.

These fish are not relating to structure per say. It’s more “trough fishing”. And or the pockets in the north where you find deeper water.

Overall, a solid week. We can only take the bite that the lake gives us each day…. And that’s been pretty darn good.