Hey Sportsfans!

OOPS! Can you tell the temperatures have been warming up? I forgot to post an update last Sunday while out enjoying the weather, maybe I should extend the WiFi out to my deck!

Fishing has been great here at Ballard’s Resort we have chased the notorious Lake of the Woods walleye out to about 18 miles out, and now we about to start the chase the BIG walleyes back to their spring home on the RAINY RIVER!

Ice conditions are still allowing us to fish and not struggle to bad while doing it! (Ice heaves starting to appear, see pictures below) Top layer of snow is starting to disappear, but the ice underneath is standing its ground! Don’t worry our team of guides take every precaution to make sure your time spent on Lake of the Woods is safe and FUN!

Fishing Report:

Depth: 29-33 Feet of water

Method: Still jigging off the bottom, fish have gotten more aggressive following lures 2-5 feet of the bottom before striking. Bare essential dead stick setups have still been productive in this time as well!

Ice conditions: Still GREAT, starting to show the decline but crossing fingers we still have quite some time of ice fishing left!