Hey Sportsfans! 

I hope all is well with you; here at Ballard’s Resort on LOTW, summer is going by quickly. With water levels still high, we are continuing to load everyone on the floating dock at 8am. What happens after that has been dictated by the weather each day. 

This past week we have seen high winds a handful of times keeping the charter boats bound to the South shore. On those days, fishing was tough, but there were enough fish in the coolers by the end of the day for a few large shore lunches. 

For most of the Summer, fishing Little Traverse Bay has been the ticket to nice fishing. While unusual for this time of year, some guides are still finding success jigging. Others are pulling spinners (in depths anywhere from 15’-25’). When on the hunt for a trophy fish, many guides head West, fishing off of Long Point. Drifting jigs deep in the mud (30’+) is where we have consistently seen the largest fish this season. 

We hope to see you this Fall! #218.634.1849


-Ballard’s Crew