Hello Sportsfans!

It’s a first-ice numbers game on Lake of Woods.  Just ask the Teske gang about their recent visit…

They had two and a half days of ice fishing, with a group of five guys, and they pulled SIX-HUNDRED-EIGHTEEN fish up from the depths of Big Traverse Bay.  That’s good hustle boys…

Right now, the guides have our shacks situated on the west end of Pine (traditional starting point).  Depths are ranging from 18-25 feet of water.  And the bite has been pretty darn consistent morning-noon-afternoon.

Big fish for the week?  We’ve had reports of a couple over-29’s…  Plus, this dandy that was caught earlier today.  Nice fish Mr. Howard!

Best bets?  If you can get away, and we’re talking right now, the bite is on.

Come set the hook!