Hello Sportfans…  And welcome to the latest SNAP! Here on Minnesota’s Lake of the Woods.

Snow, ice, cold, fishing…  We’ve got it all going on this week here at Ballard’s.
The latest and greatest?  Honestly?
Fishing has been OK.  Good numbers…  Lacking a bit on size at times…  But still decent.
This past weekend we really put the pressure on our guides.  The fish houses were pretty well jammed up, and they did an excellent job trying to keep people on fish, and stay on the move.  No easy task.  You guys are awesome!
Our best BITE is still taking place in relatively shallow water.  Let’s call it that 23-25 foot range.  For now…  The walleyes and saugers appear to be hanging tight to the south shore.
We are a short Bombardier ride across the west end of Pine.  And from deeper “test shacks”, it seems as though the better fishing is “in-close”.  Good news.  Shorter ride more fishing time.
Catches really varied from house to house these past few days.  We’re hearing about anglers catching 40-50-60 fish a day.  And then others just so-so.
The thing with the action right now?  These deep dark cold fronts that blast us really turn things into a finesse bite.  This isn’t turn your back to the hole…  Card playing winter fishing…  A guy’s gonna have to work that jig and minnow combo.
And then about every hour..  On the hour…  Your shack will get a bit of a flurry.  Lots of fresh walleye fish frys, and a few to take home to share with friends.
Let’s keep it going!  See you soon!
Set the hook…