Hey Sports Fans!

Typically for fishing opener you change fishing tactics and tackle to get on a GREAT bite. This year we decided it was in our best interest to change our resort tactics to keep our GREAT guests safe and healthy!

Operating the resort for opener was definitely a challenge, we tried to run as normal as possible but made some major changes to keep protect employees/guest; delivery of food to cabins, operating a take-out window and the weirdest of all: a piece of glass between us at check in/out!

Guests made the most of opener and fish stories were plentiful. Catching a nice bag before noon, taking a nap and hitting it hard again for an evening grind! Lots of beautiful spawned out slot fish caught along with perfect sized eaters!

Both the lake and river proved very productive in the morning and slowed down towards the afternoon. We had guests make the run up to garden island and guest go all the way up the river to frontier. Seems like the guys that stayed closer to the south shore and in the river had bigger smiles on their faces coming back to shore!

Run down of tips and tricks:

-LOTS of fish still in the river moving out towards the lake

-Ideal fishing depth: 10-22’

-River temperature 50 degrees

-Lake temperature 41 degrees

-Smallest jig one can get away with in current tipped with a frozen shiner.


Overall a successful opener here at Ballard’s. gets us excited for the opening of charter fishing and the rest of this summer!