Sunday March 24 (Fishing Report)

Rights of spring… Fishing… And other random thoughts…


Last night, past midnight, a ruffed grouse outside the house was drumming repeatedly. It was 6-degrees Fahrenheit with zero wind. This mating ritual is applaudable, but one (the grouse) must be cautious when presenting for courtship (shrinkage-factor). Timing is everything when it comes to the weather and outdoor activities!

The spring equinox arrived earlier this week and blessed us with as much sunlight as it did darkness. When you live on the Canadian border this recognizable date is celebrated at a higher level than Groundhog Day. More sunlight for the soul tends to brighten the spirits and increase the urge to celebrate SPRING with other types of “spirits”. Cheers to spring!

Fishing, fishing, and more fishing. Can’t say there’s a whole bunch of it happening right now. A few wily veterans are still scratching around drilling holes in the ice. Otherwise, there are many more anxious “river fishermen” waiting for it to warm up so they can wet a line without the little droplets of water freezing their rod tips.

Have you ever fished in a boat when it’s ridiculously cold? The streams of snot freezing to your upper lip. The numbness in your fingertips. You want to take a wiz, but you don’t want to, because it’s going to take eighteen-minutes-and-forty-three-seconds to make it all happen.

Geez… Come to think of it… Has anyone ever accused us FISHERMEN of being sane?!

Before we sign off and let you go:

–            May Fishing Specials (are you signed up and dialed in).

–            Bonus day to cast the islands for musky-bass-pike (ask us about adding a day on the front end or a day on the back end of your existing summer reservation).

–            Walleye Connections (have you seen our full tour schedule for this coming season).

Until next week. Stay warm. Beware of the sexually active drumming grouse. And set the hook!

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