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The Opener

Less than two weeks:

A. to paint the house.

B. to lose weight.

C. to make a million dollars.

D. to fish the Walleye Opener on Lake of the Woods.

Letter “D” sounds obtainable, the band is back together, and we are ready to rock!


Hello Sports Fans.  Are you ready?  The most heralded date in Minnesota sports history is happening on Saturday MAY 14.  Big fish tales are told while grown weep with anticipation for the start of yet another season.

1961. That’s when it all started for Ballard’s Resort.  And YES the band is back together and YES we are ready.  Ready to provide BIG food, big fun, lodging, beverages, and some of the best darn walleye fishing that you will find anywhere in the world.

It’s been rainy, cold and miserable up here most of the spring.  Just the way we like it!  The main basin is still locked with ice.  The last time things went sideways like this, and we fished the river and bay for the opener, it was nothing but TROPHY-TIME.

Until then…  Let’s hopefully see the flow slow and the water clarity improve.  Mother nature has the reins as we boat and toot our horns behind her.

Let’s get jacked!  It’s THE OPENER!