Our walleye / sauger bite is bouncing around like a Jokari ball on its elastic string.  Remember that game?  If you’re under 50-years of age you might have to ask the Google.

Your parents told you to “go play out in the street” and that’s literally what you did.  One of my older cousins would purposely swack the ball directly at myself or his younger brother.  Result, a matching red welt the same color as the ball.

If all went well…  Win or lose…  You consider yourself lucky if you didn’t get chased down during the contest with the lethal wooden paddle (good times).  This older cousin of mine was like a toothy northern pike chasing a defenseless yellow perch.

Back to the fishing news…  This morning “new Zach” told us the afternoon bite has been outproducing the morning coffee hour.  Bottom line, do not give up the veritable ship early in the day.  Your best chances might be from Noon until pick-up-time.

There were bags of fresh fillets also heading for the fryers this past week.  Cajun or Original?  I can never decide!  Either way…  Noted improvement in the overall action compared to a week ago.

This morning the marine band radio is buzzing with activity.  Sounds like a swarm of bees chasing a bicycler down the street.  Or it is the Ballard Guides busting hump and moving shacks.  Same.  (Busy little bees.  Or is it beavers.)



– Ice Festivous is happening soon FEB 12 to 17.

– March jig a thon for repeats “Return Trip Specials”.


Set the hook!