Hello sportsfans.  Welcome to the latest and greatest here on LOW.

Ice fishing…  Fresh wild walleyes…  Tons of laughs…  It’s all happening right now!

The month of December generally starts with a slow roll as we gradually crank up the winter season.  Most of our fishing activity is taking place within eyesight of Pine Island.  Very typical for this timeframe.

Daily catches have been producing mixed bags.  We are hearing about fish counts going NORTH OF 100 (that’s the top end), and others saying enough fish to keep us busy and provide a fresh meal.  Overall, this has been a consistent start and that’s really what the guides are driven by.  Consistency across the board.

What’s next?  As the weather continues to grind its teeth into this cold blast, we will be allowed more leniency to roam.  Adding ice thickness is super important if you want to keep pushing the depths of Big Traverse Bay.

Big time holiday coming!  Jolly Saint Nick…  All the gang…

Set the hook.