Hello sportfans!

The latest…  Just spoke with Dunner…  Our ice fishing houses are on the way to the lake.  Four-Mile Bay and the near-shore areas of Pine Island in which we usually set up camp with the shacks are navigable.  We are finding 8-10 inches of ice in the specific locations in which we are traveling.

Sounds like there are some rough patches on the lake (prevailing west / nw winds during freeze up.  Seen better and seen worse.  But again, good to go for us on the fishing starting TOMORROW (Friday DEC 10).

Early reports?  Jimmy was out yesterday doing some scouting.  Officially he iced about 30-walleyes before growing tired and calling it a day.  Nice hustle Jimmy.

The truth will be in the…  Our first few days on the lake are always spent bouncing around testing different depths and working various locations.  A bit tougher with an 8-inch hole versus a 27-foot Sportcraft with six anglers on board.  Regardless, our guides will get it done.

Where to start?  A little fishy told me 18-20ft.  Set the veritable hook!