Hello sportsfans!

What’s that?  Hold the line…  A lotta small fish (saugers) is what we are hearing this morning at the Ballard’s HQ / checkin / checkout front desk.  Enough to keep your bobber moving.  Enough for some FRESH-FISH.

Per the Bomber ride (how far off-shore are we), it’s a 2-beer trip to get off the lake at the end of the day!  Yes, we are “up north”.

What else:
 There’s a “Ballard-Guide-Mustache” contest being proposed .
 We are gunning for mid-MARCH per the wrap up of the ice fishing season.  Try to get your dates in before 03/15/23.
 Weekend cabin dates for spring river fishing (APRIL) are starting to flow.
 EightyNineDays until the mid-MAY walleye opener (May Fishing Special).

Take it…  Take it…  Take it…
Set the hook!