We were once compared to the “Disney World” of walleye fishing. That’s pretty good company to put yourself in line with when words like nostalgia, entertainment, amazing, iconic, and inspiring are used as descriptive.
 The upcoming Summer 2024 Fishing Season will be here quicker than a cat coming down a greased pole. Sounds like something Anna’s grandfather would say, even though we have never officially met 🙂
 MAY Fishing Specials… Yep, you’ve heard all about them #Iconic. Now, do you remember the deadline? MAY is going to be a banger! Let’s go!
 Ah Ha. The Rainy River is opening up (as we speak) for those of you looking to splash a boat sooner rather than later. Both the Birchdale and Frontier landings are open at the time of this posting. Sounds like there are some greenbacks (walleyes) getting sore necks.
 Thanks Tommy Tutone “for a good time, for a good time call”.
Ok everyone set the hook on three.
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