December 27…  Fish Update…  Ballard’s Resort…

 Hello Sportfans and welcome to the weekly freeze.  Too many walleyes, ice conditions and Winter Specials highlight this week’s post.

 Let’s get to it…  Fishing first and foremost.  We’ll start by saying “YES” the reports are true.  We have a decent early season winter bite going here on the south shore.  Not quite two-weeks into it, we’re still working the west end of Pine in 23-26 feet of water.  Clarity is average and the ice smooths out the further north we push.

 Pre-Christmas we had many anglers visiting and the results for the most part were quite positive.  Have you seen our posts on Facebook…?  Lots of trophy walleye pics!

 This leads to a “quote of the week”.  More than once during this month we’ve been hearing: Too many walleyes, where are the saugers.  Ah yes!  A good problem to have!

 As far as fishing location…  The end of Pine, over toward Morris, has been holding steady.  We’re running with approx 14” of ice, and the extended forecast is for cold-cold-cold.  We lucked out and missed most of the holiday snow storm.  That was good news for continued ice production.

 Lots of calls.  Lots of calls.  Lots of calls.  The ice fishing season is officially in FULL-SWING here on LOW.  If you have not done so already…  Now’s the time to make your winter reservation and set the hook!

 Check it out: “Winter Specials” on our website