Oh, the weather outside is frightful…  HELLO SPORTSFANS!  We are getting ever closer to “green-flag” day here on Minnesota’s Lake of the Woods.

Per our report: Nick and the guys are planning to “officially” start ice fishing this coming Saturday, December 17.

Right now, they are on the lake…  Shaping trails…  Knocking down ice chunks (yes, it froze rough)…  And moving shacks toward traditional early ice fishing / catching locations.

Ice depths on the bay and the lake (areas in which we are currently traveling) are showing 7.5” to 9.5” inches of ice, as of Noon today, December 14.  With continued cold and sub-zero temps in the extended forecast, this bodes well for the start of our winter season.  The big lake will stay the course in its ice making capabilities…

Are you ready?! 

Looking at our December calendar you still have time to get in!!  Give us a call for weekend and midweek availability.


Set the hook!

Ps. Can’t wait to get that first fish through the hole!!