Hey Sports Fans!

That’s right, its officially transferring back into jigging season!

Our boats have been bucking the wind the past week and a half on Lake of The Woods, and it has been a GRIND to get out on the actual lake. Lots of shore lunch opportunities lost.. But with the water levels and wind directions limiting lunch locations it just hasn’t been a time beneficial choice for our customers who want to FISH!

With water and air temperatures dropping it means the Shiners will start to trickle up the Rainy River, and so will the walleyes!

Walleyes will start to congregate more towards structure again and move out from being in the mud.

Most boats start the morning of jigging and then move to pulling spinners as the day progresses. 20-25 feet of water seems to be where the action is!

Things are filling up FAST around here, give us a call and we will try to squeeze in!