Hey Sportsfans!

Good afternoon! We have made yet another little push out on Lake of the Woods, our houses are ranging from 13-15 miles from Pine Island overlooking beautiful Canada! (but don’t worry still only Minnesota fishing license needed to fish with us!) The Ballard houses are out on the mud flats yet and keeping our guests entertained!

Out on the flats there hasn’t been a consistent “hot” house location.

Our houses are still in about 32-34 feet of water, dead sticks proving just as efficient as the jig sticks. Majority of fish being caught have been saugers on the smaller side with the lone walleye here and there. The “slot” and “over” walleyes have been targeted by watching for a mark on the flasher 3-6 feet off the bottom. HOT JIG COLORS: Gold, Pink, wonder bread, anything that rattles, or glows doesn’t hurt either. Big shocker huh? 😉

Make sure to give us a call for some March ice fishing, still some great spots open to chase that late season TROPHY!