Hey Sportsfans!

Fishing has been fishing up here on Lake of the Woods! We’ve been doing our best to stay on the fish and keep moving our houses out farther. We have been following the elusive WALLEYE as close as we can, but the smaller saugers have been following too, which means; prepare to sift through some smaller fish to get through to the big ones!

What we have found from out fishing: the fish have still been holding tight to the bottom, BUT still a great idea to have the flasher on to find the “highflyer” anywhere from 5-10 feet off the bottom. Hot ticket jigs are going to be anything bright and glowing, and a rattle doesn’t hurt either. Guest have been using just heads on their buckshot’s, Swedish pimples, and anything bigger than a jig, still using full live fatheads on our dead stick/bobber rigs!

We have our ice houses still sitting on 26”of ice in about 34’ of water out on the mud, just a hair over 13 miles out!

Come catch your TROPHY walleye on Lake of the Woods with Ballard’s Resort!