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July 7th Ballard's Resort Fishing Report


Hey Sportsfans!
The past week has been busy… in the best way possible. Ballard’s celebrated the week of the Fourth of July by:
– Hosting 2 fantastic Walleye Connection groups. (One from Ramsey, MN and the other from Bismarck, ND.) If you want to make a trip up to Ballard’s, but don’t want the hassle of driving up yourself, check out our Walleye Connection motorcoach trips.
– Enjoying the nice weather by splashing at the pool and relaxing on the patio. 
– Supporting our local communities and the wonderful activities they put on for the Fourth of July. 
– Catching trophy size walleyes… this is Lake of the Woods after all. 
As temperatures got warmer and the wind calmed down, the fish were on the move. Despite not having the much needed “walleye chop”, the guides were still able to find fish. At the start of the week, Little Traverse Bay was the ticket to having a fresh walleye dinner at the end of the day. By yesterday, the fish (at least those willing to bite) had moved into the deep mud. 
This could be the start of the infamous, mid summer, dynamite mud bite… but we will have to see!
That’s all for this week. #SETTHEHOOK