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June 30th Ballard's Resort Fishing Report, Lake of the Woods

June 30 -

Hey Sportsfans!
Back again, on June 30th, with another weekly Ballard’s Resort fishing report. 
Did I just hear someone say “Welcome to Fall”?? Unfortunately, so. Our warm, summertime weather was short lived. This past week, it was again cold, wet, and windy. 
What’s going on out on the lake? 
– The south shore bite on Lake of the Woods is quiet. The high winds have churned up the lake, creating dirty water… not ideal for fishing. 
– Fishing has been best North of Garden Island. The guides are currently transitioning from jig fishing to pulling spinners. During this transition time, it seems that both tactics are landing fish in the boat. Spinner fishing in 12-20′ and jigging in the mud have both been productive this week. 
– One noticeable difference from last week, the fish are no longer hanging around the rock piles. Time to find the schools of fish on the flats. 
– Check out this week’s featured picture… Dale, the newest member of to 30+” club!
Heading into this week, we hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July. Celebrations will be happening at Ballard’s Resort and our surrounding communities all week!
That’s all for this week.