Marching on with more hard-water adventures…

Hello Sportster’s and welcome to the weekly buzz here at Ballard’s Resort.  Late February has brought a mix and match of activities to Minnesota’s LOW.  Mostly, by the way of walleyes and saugers. HA!

This past weekend we continued to “push-limits” and enjoy what’s shaping up to be a record setting month by way of fish numbers.  Hate to sound like a broken record…  But hey…  It (the ice fishing) has been good.  Good as in action…  Good as in numbers…  Good as in good fun.

With today’s precip we are losing some snow-pack on the main basin.  Light and scattered (unseasonable weather) showers are depleting the white snow cover.  But overall, ice conditions remain favorable.

By the looks of the extended forecast…  Cold in the single digit temps / Highs in the teens and twenties…  We will continue ice fishing per the usual as we move into the month of March.

The western haunts of the “near-reef-flats” continue to produce.  In the foreseeable future, we will remain north as long as fishing stays hot.

Tradition would tell us, there will be a push-south in our future…  But for now…  As mentioned…  We’re still way out (15 to 18 miles by Bombardier) on the rock piles.  Walleyes.  Saugers.  The occasional perch.

Can you catch fifty fish in a day?  Yes sir.  Some shacks are producing quite nicely.  Obviously, sometimes it’s the anglers…  Sometimes it’s the luck of the draw.

The guides are keeping an EXCEPTIONAL handle on the bite.  Kudos for their efforts.  The compliments being received are very gratifying.  Thanks Much!

Another eventful week lies ahead…  Don’t miss out on the merriment…

Set the hook!