SATURDAY DEC 31, 2022.


Bang a gong (Get it on).  Thanks T. Rex and Marc Bolan.  Don’t mind if we do!

Hello sportsfans…  It’s gonna be a banger tonight at the Ballard’s.  Oh boy.  Smoked prime rib and parmesan crusted walleye highlight this New Year’s Eve festivities.  And I’m not sure if the majority of folks in camp are more excited to ring out ’22 or ring in ’23.  HA!

Whatever way tonight shakes out… New Year’s are just like birthdays.  Every time you get to add another number on top of the last one, it’s a good thing.  We should ALL be jacked.

What’s on “the list” for 2023?


– continue the great chase.  Walleyes-Walleyes-Walleyes.

– amp up the ice fishing.  The guides are working hard to find fish and we’re gonna punch a gazillion 8″ holes in that sheet of ice from now until late March.

– create packages for summer fishing.  It’s NEVER too early to start  dreaming / planning for Big Water – Big Boats – Big Fish!  (is the spring opener really ONLY 132-days away!)

– talk more about international fishing opportunities.  There’s an awesome combo package in the hopper for Ballard’s Resort / Ballard’s Black Island.

– work hard and play hard.  I mentioned this above but it’s true.  OUR guide team for 2023 is off the charts.  These guys eat-sleep-drink-FISH and we are super stoked to welcome the NEW YEAR!